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Rockstar North uprising:

The beginnings of the History Rockstar Games studio date back to 1994, when the company BMG Interactive was formed in the structures of the international media group BMG (Bertelsmann Music Group). In 1994-98, she released several real hits from the GEX and Pandemonium series on the world markets, as well as the legendary first edition of the Grand Theft Auto series. In 1998, BMG Interactive was sold to the New York-based Take 2 Interactive corporation, while five of its former employees: Sam Houser, Dan Houser, Terry Donovan, Jamie King and Gary Foreman created the Rockstar Games company under the wings of the new publisher.

In the initial period of activity Rockstar Games dealt with the publishing of games created by other developers, and among the most important titles from this period, it is worth mentioning two parts of the series Max Payne and Smuggler’s Run, as well as Midnight Club: Street Racing, Oni, Earthworm Jim 3D, State of Emergency or The Italian Job. In 1999, Rockstar Games took over the British Tarantula Studios (subsequently renamed Rockstar Lincoln) and created its first internal studio, called Rockstar Toronto (originally Rockstar Canada). The task of both was mainly to support developers cooperating with the parent company, although the team from Toronto has also produced its own production, or The Warriors battles released in 2005.

Also in 1999, as a result of ownership transformations, the Take 2 Interactive concern came into possession of the British studio DMA Design, which is the creators of the Grand Theft Auto series (/), whose two subsequent releases have already been published by Rockstar Games. In 2002, not long after the release of Grand Theft Auto III, it was decided to include DMA Design in the Rockstar Games structure and change the name of the studio to Rockstar North. From that moment, this branch became the main studio of Rockstar, responsible among others for Manhunt games and the next main releases of Grand Theft Auto series.


Dynamic group development and further acquisitions:


In 2002, Rockstar Games took over another external development studio, ie the Canadian Barking Dog Studios, which was renamed Rockstar Vancouver and in the following years became famous for the creation of such games as Bully (2006) or Max Payne 3 (2012). In 2003, as a result of the acquisition of American Angel Studios, Rockstar San Diego joined Rockstar Games. As part of the group, this team developed the proprietary RAGE engine, later used, among others in such games as Table Tennis, Midnight Club: Los Angeles, Red Dead Redemption, Max Payne 3, as well as two other full-fledged versions of Grand Theft Auto series. In the same year, Rockstar’s property became the Austrian studio Neo Software, which adopted the name Rockstar Vienna and until the liquidation in 2006, cooperated with the Max Payne console conversions and the Manhunt 2 game.

The year 2004 was another acquisition important for Rockstar Games, as a result of which the British studio M̦bius Entertainment adopted the name Rockstar Leeds, and in the following years created, among others, portable versions of the side views of Grand Theft Auto series (ie GTA: Liberty City Stories, GTA: Vice City Stories and GTA: Chinatown Wars), as well as the PC port of the detective action adventure L.A. Noire. A year later, in cooperation with Capcom, Rockstar Games created the first Asian branch of the company РRockstar Japan, which was to distribute its games in Asia. However, the brand was liquidated in the same year. Also in 2005, Rockstar London was created, which initially worked on Manhunt 2, and then supported other studies in the preparation of such games as Midnight Club: Los Angeles for PSP console and Max Payne 3 and Grand Theft Auto V.

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