Review Grand Theft Auto IV

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The king of existing games?

Unimaginable sums of money for advertising campaigns, millions of players waiting impatiently for the premiere and a lot of doubts whether the product, which before the debut became a legend, will actually prove it. This is how you can briefly describe the situation before April 29, the day of entering the Grand Theft Auto IV store shelves. Currently, the game is available for download here.

We have written about the game many times over the last few days. These were the first impressions written from the perspective of two members of our editorial office. It is also a report from the battlefield, run regularly by us. In addition, we presented several gameplays and an intro from the game. Since last Tuesday, the network simply lives the latest product from the Rockstar North stable. We in turn come to collect all the thoughts and finally evaluate GTA IV.


An unfulfilled dream?

Intro starting the game, although it’s climatic and quite dark, but it’s a bit disappointing. For such a loud premiere, the insert starting the game is … good. And nothing more. It is unfortunately very well-spoken, but this is probably the tradition of the GTA series. The whole saves an absolutely genius musical theme, which is only a foretaste of what we can hear while playing.

Niko Bellic, a Serb with a complicated past, thanks to an invitation from a cousin, decides to come to the United States to start a new life full of wealth, beautiful women and peace. Driven by the dreams of wealth, which will soon become his share, he goes ashore in the port of Liberty City – the virtual equivalent of New York. He is experiencing the first disappointment, and we, ironically, sit dumbfounded by surprise. Absolutely positive.

The city is a masterpiece of programmers from Rockstar North. Never before in the history of computer games have we had the opportunity to meet with something like that and probably we will not meet again for a long time. Not only is it huge and full of the smallest details, it still looks like it really lived. Liberty City makes the player in no way regret the funds spent on the purchase of the game. Here is a product that will undoubtedly be able to fight for the title of the game of the year and – almost certainly – it will come out of it with a defensive hand. The city has no typical “zapchajdziur” – everything in it is an inseparable part of the whole.